Admission Essay Sample: Reaffirming My Real Passion In Life

Graduate program excerpt and outline.

Starting a new life in the US, that’s when I reaffirmed my real passion in life, that is, to provide specialized care for patients as a registered nurse.  After working my way through a nursing program at ____ College and having been granted my RN license, I then worked in different patient care units.  I can say that I truly enjoy caring for others, as if it’s my life’s mission to alleviate other people’s discomfort.  Being part of many community events sponsored by the healthcare provider I work for, I realized the important role I can take as a health care specialist representing the Hispanic community.  To fill in this very important role, I’m applying for the graduate program of ______ so I can provide expert nursing care to the best of my abilities.  The training and education provided by the program will prepare me in assuming a more challenging position in this field.


  • Introduction
    • Reaffirming my passion in life
      • I completed a nursing program at ____ College and was granted an RN license.
      • With my license, I was able to work in different patient care units as a nurse.
      • I find great joy and fulfillment in caring for others and alleviating their discomfort and pain, as if it’s my life’s mission.
    • Applying for the graduate program
      • I participated in many community events sponsored by the health care provider I work for.
      • Through these events, I saw the need for more health care professionals who can better represent the Hispanic community.
      • I’d like to fill in this role and be of good service to the community as part of the health care workforce that can provide specialized care.
      • By applying for the graduate program of ____, I can have the professional training and education I need to take on a very challenging and important position in the field.
    • My experience
      • Education
        • With a foreign medical degree, I was able to practice in Mexico before moving to the US.
        • Because of personal reasons, I didn’t readily pursue a medical degree when I came to the US, but found myself truly passionate about patient care so I heed to my calling and completed a nursing program at _____ College.
        • After obtaining my RN license, I don’t want it to stop from there. I want to continue my education and fully take advantage of my experience in the healthcare field with a foreign medical degree.
        • I am planning on taking a CDE (certified diabetes educator) exam next year so I can better care for diabetes patients.
      • My passion
        • I want to be a family nurse practitioner so I can provide more specialized care, especially for diabetes patients.
        • I want to be part of the health care workforce that can fill in the gap for health care specialists that can represent and best understand the Hispanic community in our county.
      • What I have to offer
        • Dedication
          • I’m committed to fully realizing my goals through perseverance.
          • I enjoy life to the fullest and I want people to share this positive outlook, despite their conditions. I make sure that people I care for keep a positive attitude and that I can somehow inspire them to treasure their life more.
        • Hard work
          • I’ve always been very diligent, and despite the odds, I have worked hard to fulfill my dreams and was able to get an RN license as a professional.
          • I am hardworking and responsible.

I have all the good reasons to pursue a graduate program

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